Ms Sarah Hanniffy

Sarah Hanniffy completed undergraduate studies in University College Dublin in 2013 with a B.Sc. (Joint Hons) in Chemistry and Pharmacology. In 2014, she graduated with an M.Sc in Forensic Science from King’s College London, including a research project in conjunction with the Metropolitain Police Threat Mitigation Services regarding explosives detection. Following a year in Belfast working in Toxicology, Sarah joined Forensic Science Ireland (FSI) in 2016 as an analyst in the Drugs area. Through progression to a reporting scientist and promotion, Sarah has remained in the Drugs area in FSI. Alongside casework, scene visits and training, Sarah had responsibility for the drugs quantification intelligence work (2018-2023); a poster summarising this work was presented at EAFS 2022 in Stockholm, outlining cocaine, diamorphine and amphetamine quantification trends during this period. Owing to the increased complexity of drugs seizures during her time in FSI, Sarah has contributed to the development of extraction methods of controlled substances from various sophisticated matrices. Sarah is a member of the Chartered Society of Forensic Sciences.