Mr Jonas Malmborg

Jonas Malmborg is a forensic specialist at the Swedish National Forensics Centre (NFC).

He has a background within forensic chemistry, where his primary case work focus has been related to the forensic analysis of oils and fat. After several years as a forensic practitioner he moved on to a role as a specialist in forensic statistics and evidence evaluation. The role combines staff training, efforts of R&D, and combining evidence in interdisciplinary case work.

His forensic research papers relates to the source identification of spilled oils and fuels, and to the evaluative reporting of gunshot residues. Validation of values attached to forensic evidence and pushing R&D forward in the fields of chemical analysis and marks remains a core interest.

Prior to his 15 years in forensics, he has a background from the pharmaceutical and chemical industry and has published research in the fields of pharmaceutical and biogas development.

Jonas Malmborg received his M.Sc. in chemistry from Linköping University in 1995.