Dr Ray Genoe

Dr Ray Genoe graduated with a PhD in Computer Science from University College Dublin in 2011. He immediately joined the UCD Centre for Cybersecurity and Cybercrime Investigation (CCI) to help law enforcement manage the demands of investigating cybercrime and cyber-enabled crime.

Since joining CCI, Dr. Genoe has spearheaded numerous capacity-building projects throughout Europe, authored a globally distributed manual for senior police officers, and published numerous peer-reviewed publications in the fields of digital forensics, pattern recognition, cybersecurity, software validation and pedagogy. He has led numerous EU funded projects, such as INSPECTr (H2020) and FREETOOL (DG HOME, ISF). Currently he coordinates the UnderServed project (DG HOME, ISF), various Tools4LEA projects (DG HOME, EACTDA) and several capacity-building initiatives (DG HOME, ECTEG). He is also a partner in the Cyclopes project (H2020).

Appointed Director of CCI in August 2022, Dr. Genoe continues to advance the center’s mission to develop innovative solutions for law enforcement and support national cybersecurity efforts.