Dr Michelle Breathnach

Michelle Breathnach is a graduate of the Technological University of the Shannon, Limerick with a BSc(Hons) in Pharmaceutical and Forensic Science (2011) and a PhD in Molecular Forensics graduating in 2015. Her research involved generating data on background levels of bodily fluids and DNA in the population and using this data with Bayesian Networks given activity level propositions. Michelle has published papers in forensic journals primarily in the field of background levels of bodily fluids and DNA. Michelle has presented her research at international forensic conferences including the CSOFS BFF conference and EAFS conferences. In 2016, Michelle joined Forensic Science Ireland as a forensic scientist where she is currently based on the sexual assault team. Her casework experience includes volume crime,DNA profiling, DNA databases, bodily fluid identification, sexual assaults and expert evaluation opinion. Michelle regularly presents evidence in court especially in relation to evaluations given activity level propositions and was a key member of the team when achieving accreditation status for EEO at FSI. She is FSI’s representative on the ENFSI ReACT project, which researches DNA TPPR issues and FSI’s representative on the AFSP BFF Working group. Michelle also acts as a reviewer for peer-review forensic journals.