Dr Martina McBride

I have a BSc in Microbiology and a PhD in Genetics.  I have worked as a Forensic Scientist for 34 years, firstly as a Forensic Biologist and then in the DNA area. I have worked in and managed serious crime, volume crime and sexual assault teams I have also managed a Chemistry team.  I have experience in Body Fluid detection, DNA, BPA, fibres and crime scene analysis. During my time in Chemistry, I trained in Marks /footwear cases.  In the past, I have been a member and Chairperson of the Body fluid forum (BFF) which is a UK and Irish research and development group sponsored by the AFSP. I am now director of Science and Development in FSI. Where one of my roles is to develop a strong R and D culture and foster innovation. In addition, I am responsible for the Quality system in FSI.  I am also a member of the ENFSI RDSC .