Dr Emil Hjalmarson

Emil Hjalmarson joined the Swedish Defence Research Agency in 2023, where he leads the Cyber Defence and C2 Technology division. Previously, he worked at the Swedish National Forensics Centre (NFC), a department within the Swedish Police Authority, initially focusing on R&D in Digital Forensics before becoming the R&D Director. He has also served as a member of the ENFSI R&D Standings Committee.
Emil earned his PhD in Electronic Systems from Linköping University in 2006. He co-founded AnSyn and AnaCatum Design, companies providing software for analog semiconductor design and semiconductor data conversion IP. After AnaCatum Design was acquired by Fingerprint Cards, a major provider of biometric sensors for mobile phones, he held leading roles in the company’s R&D organization.
Emil’s work spans managing research within governmental and commercial organizations, developing biometric sensors and algorithms, creating dedicated hardware and software for machine learning, designing analog semiconductor automation software, semiconductor data converter IP, and IoT devices and systems. In 2022, he was nominated for the “AI Swede of the Year” award for his efforts to promote AI within the Swedish legal system. Emil holds several patents in integrated data converters, biometric sensor systems, and self-learning electronics.